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Waterfall Design & Installation

Water feature are relaxing and increase the value of your home but they need to be built right.

Create A Backyard Oasis

Welcome to NCL waterfall design and installation services.

We strive to design waterfeatures and ponds that look like they were made by Mother Nature herself.


Pond Design and Installation

Our specialties are designing, building and installing natural ponds and water features.

We offer many choices from ponds that function as complete ecosystems to pondless waterfalls, Eco-friendly Landscapes and rainwater harvest systems. Remember that a pond is not just a hole in the ground! Your water feature is a unique contribution to the natural ecosystem in your own community!


All of us at NCL have passion about what we do and whether your yard is a postage stamp or sprawling acreage we will craft your dreams of the perfect landscape and bring them to life for you.


Fully Insured Reg# 000611907

Call now  203.879.5995



Excavation, slope stabilization and erosion control services also available. Contact us today for more information or to receive a free consultation.


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